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Welcome to my website, my name is Jonathan Barbee and I’m running for Salisbury, NC City Council in 2021. This website is my virtual platform for my Salisbury City Council 2021 campaign. where I will be sharing my  campaign propositions, as well as a place for people to reach out directly to me regarding the issues facing Salisbury & Rowan County, NC.

My political career began in 2017 as a freshman in college attending various political group meetings, taking notes for extra credit in classes, and observing and listening to them. It was during this time, I took an interest in the process of city government and how a city operates, rather than the debate of national debate over city matters.

I realized there was a diverse and hardworking team of men and women behind the scenes of the city council meetings. These men and women often times catch the fallout and criticism from residents, simply due to poor policy making. It is my vision that the city employees have the resources necessary to perform what is needed to do.

The emphasis of my campaign is centered on bringing money into the city through economic development opportunities with public/private partnerships, grants, philanthropic organizations, and other means of acquiring capital resources. Generating further revenue for the city requires more diverse tax base, combining responsible growth between residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

To raise the tax base without raising current city tax rates will require expanding the commercial and industrial tax base. It is my opinion that it is often times where the income gap and minority communities gets left out of the economic development process. As a minority candidate of Filipino descent, it is my objective to make sure minority communities and lower income entrepreneurs have access to the resources they deserve.

I think our politicians should be these same kind of working men and women, tradesmen, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Many of these businesses exist in Salisbury, they just don’t have the resources to take themselves to the next level creating economic opportunities.

I care about implementation, continuous improvement, and seeing projects actively making ground. I try to negotiate and make peace. Please take the time to browse my website and look at my stances on other issues in Salisbury. Feel free to reach out through the methods on the website.

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