About Me

I grew up in a Democratic household and the majority of my life I have been on the political left. My immediate family were against the War in Afghanistan. During my years at Salisbury High School, there was a point I dropped off the radar holding no interest in the news or politics for 3 years until 2017.

After finding the strength in myself to do something with my life again, I went to political meetings and some where I thought I would be allegedly hated for being a person of color. I garnered respect and continued on; I took summaries of local political body meetings for extra credit and hung around the community rather than stay around for most clubs on Catawba College’s campus. I’ve noticed discrepancies, paid attention to, and learned more about practical management through local politics. I graduated with a Business Administration Major and a Concentration in Marketing. I highly enjoy Toastmasters International where I have been a member since May 2017 and joined as a 19 year old. I entered in City of Salisbury’s Citizen’s Academy and the Rowan Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Rowan classes. I have recently sent an application to the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership and will look forwards to taking part in the Fellow’s Program. I work in family business as a carpenter.

Mission Statement

The City of Salisbury holds in its culture that of a Historic city and caught at a moment in time where society advances – it progresses. Salisbury must continually improve itself to be more sustainable, maintain the growth while I was still alive and before I was even born, and seeking transparency as our community endures.

We reflect the inclusion of the community and residents in our events, community organizations, services, and steadfast employ people whom are diligent, hard-working, and knowledgeable. Its goals are to create a safe, livable environment to our residents whether rooted in the area or just moving in and to the people that will succeed our current day. Lastly, fostering a relationship of goodwill between the city and its businesses to provide economic opportunity for all who aim to be here.

My Endorsements