Youthful Vision For Salisbury

It’s been said many times before that parents would love to have the atmosphere & job market to attract their kids back to Salisbury after college. This is where they grew up. This is their home; however, the current job market does not support the cost of living associated with student loan debt and trying to live on your own.

As a younger candidate trying to solve this problem, I am often met with skepticism or some kind of form of age discrimination. Although older generations of candidates talk about creating a local economy that works for younger generations it always seems to go back to the same tired ideas of bike lanes or street art. While I am not opposed to these initiatives – what of actual substance do those really address of economic development?

With all the private programs and advocacy groups dependent of Salisbury grants and funding, how can there be any priority placed on what youthful residents want as a whole? Look at the makeup of some of the newest boards and committees which are dominated by an older generation. Not that it is a criticism but it is an observation.

An Outsider’s Analysis


From the outside looking through the glass, it looks like a system ripe for corruption. The corruption that completely oppresses and disenfranchises the regular people while making a mockery of their civil rights.

Will my silence about an institutional war against the common citizen help a Salisbury citizen?

Even the one finally getting the job they have been praying for? It seems too often people are waking up to find that agitators have pressured positions on boards or committees of their employment to terminate said employment over comments made on Facebook?

How much utility do the people of Salisbury get out of ignoring the appalling war on the common citizen by our institutions that claim to represent us, by the Academic and bureaucratic class that uses false tolerance and mild manners as a shield to conceal a knife in the back thrust into every single son and daughter of our county regardless of political identity?

Taking The Lead


It seems to me as a citizen of the state of North Carolina, a denizen of Salisbury, and a man who still works with his hands for a living that our leadership is far too concerned with the appearance of propriety and not propriety itself. Or that is to say, how many of us know a foul mouthed, no nonsense young adult like myself whom may make the neighborhood cringe, but you know the moment something goes down, that he’ll have his sleeves rolled up and right beside you to help you with whatever travails lay ahead.

It is true that we are suffering as a community, as a people. But our suffering is the fault of the apathetic, disloyal and disinterested in the Bureaucracy of Salisbury and in the leadership of both parties who have seen it fit to hold themselves as a superior class above the people they serve. Last I checked our Republic wasn’t a feudal society, yet it seems to me more and more, that our constituents are being treated as if they are mindless serfs in a world where corporations get richer.

We have endured, for longer than I have been alive. Public abuse, discrimination, Civil War, mass hysteria, lynching, city-wide arson, and targeted harassment, police brutality, and criminal misconduct by both residents and law enforcement alike. We have lost our jobs, banks have foreclosed on our homes, our benefits have been revoked, our bank accounts closed.

Acknowledging Progress


Our lives have been subject to the systematic and relentless attack by a political class reliving their glory days. It was my experience and privilege growing up to have a diverse group of friends and learning experiences that has led me to be a more open-minded man. Salisbury’s past was not my experience and I appreciate the progress being made. Those efforts were thoughtful.

Fighting back is our only way to save our families from abuse, but because certain segments of our leadership have neglected us, we are left with no choice but to go out of town for economic development opportunities. Until my Salisbury brothers and sisters regardless of political identity can sleep safe and soundly, I will continue to use descriptive, colorful language to illustrate the plight of our city. Sometimes I think being mentally stuck in the past is more detrimental to progress and possibly worse than homicides regarding a growing community. The American voter base is frustrated, tired of being ignored and tired of being subjected to absolutely bestial conduct by people who cry out as they strike us.

Many of my neighbors are tired of being scared and forced to live in shame over what political affiliation or ideologies they hold. Finding information on voters is too easily accessible & often times used for the purposes of discrimination. The party first approach has created a political environment that is more toxic than a scorpion and discourages young leaders for running for office.

Concluding Thoughts


In conclusion: I implore others to first practice what they preach before they try and shame me into being too young. I find it truly disheartening to be lectured by people of privilege on what conduct I need to lead my community into the next generation.

I am a young American first in Salisbury. There are many young adults in Salisbury that feel the same way I do across our American cities. We’re young, diverse, and we’re very concerned about the direction our city and nation is heading in.

I will continue to speak my mind in a manner as I see fit and I find it incredibly problematic that children of political dynasties with all the power, connections, and influence that entails would target a member of a minority. I find what I experience, as a young person running for office, reminiscent of the good ol’ boy politics in this State of North Carolina that would have kept people like my ancestors in fear for being Filipinos and a minority. Substituting age for race does not change the definition of discrimination.


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