Downtown Salisbury

Real Estate

Keeping high occupancy rates in downtown Salisbury & other corridors for retail and commercial business is crucial to generating economic growth.


My goal is to find more opportunity for new housing development in or near downtown Salisbury, NC like the old Cone Mills site and Brownfields sites.

Empire Hotel

It's my campaign promise to bring transparency to this much anticipated downtown Salisbury project

Advisory Panels

I plan to keep advisory panels & committees fully staffed with a diverse group of people. A diverse set of ideas usually offer the best solutions.

Marketing Plan

Continue to provide the resources for marketing plans that have attracted the current growth in tourism & downtown Salisbury business investments.

Impact Studies

Find a more progressive way of meeting impact study requirements to reduce the cost of city planning.

downtown salisbury nc ideas from Salisbury City Council candidate Jonathan Barbee

& Planning

Ensure that zoning & planning is used to manage economic growth, while not hindering economic development opportunities for middle-class property owners.


Keep the litter problem issue at the forefront of community appearance initiatives. My plan is to expand community reach for current or proposed litter reduction programs.


Find a community driven program to encourage participation into programs that directly benefit helping the environment & reducing Salisbury's carbon footprint.

Salisbury As A Whole

Salisbury needs business-friendly individuals to be involved in its direction. It requires a higher tax base to support the downtown area. The city should not stay frozen and paralyzed to comprehend what is necessary to supplement and increase traffic to the downtown businesses.