Grants & Public Spending

Research & Development

Our neighboring city Kannapolis is an example of how Research & Development grants can be used to reach economic development goals.

Water Department

The Salisbury-Rowan Utilities is one of the top water utility companies in the state for price and water quality. I want to continue to support this fantastic asset through any funding and grant opportunities we can find.

Historic Restoration

I understand Historic Salisbury has been among the biggest tourist attractions for the city. HSF has built a strong network of grant resources, private funding, and public/private partnerships. I do not fear the tax loss associated with preservation when applying for historical status.

Roads & Bridges

Roads and bridges are the biggest capital improvement projects the city can take on. To find the right grants for infrastructure goals is a challenge of my campaign.


Improve overall community appearance and character through Revitalization grants for city beautification programs.

Fire Department

Being the largest line item expenditure, along with the police, they are critical to the self-insurance rates and other measures of safety Salisbury is rated on. There is higher demand for new facilities to the Salisbury Fire Department, and is a more attractive investment than allocating more resources to the police.

Employment Programs

Employment programs are a way to find and help homeless, build equity, and opportunity for find those in nontraditional circumstances and the discriminated reentering society from the prison system.

Light Commercial

We can see changes into the way of goods and services are delivered to customers. Meaning further smaller facilities and warehouses spread out across multiple locations. Salisbury's geographical location is uniquely attractive for online retailers like Chewy.

Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation can continue to use the All Star Marketing and Grant Writing teams that have been assembled. Use these grants to retain valuable employees with experience and knowledge.


Cybersecurity is a bipartisan issue that is discussed in the recent economic bill within the American Rescue Plan. This is to protect us against direct cyberattack from foreign entities looking to steal sensitive data from Salisbury residents.


Education money is available through more than traditional resources. Private businesses are often times interested in aiding trade schools and or partnering with local higher education institutions like Rowan Cabarrus Community College to do it. Research & development grants can be useable for educational institutions.


The City of Salisbury has many underutilized technology resources especially in the departments. I'd like to apply for grants that can help with achieving our full capacity as a city.

Police Department

Given the recent responses by some members of the community, the grant funding available to the new data center and other resources, I think a more progressive approach can be taken to managing policing including new technologies they can reduce the cost of police services while reducing the crime rates.


Continue to moving towards developing a cleaner energy vehicle fleet inside all departments and like electric busses and cars. This is to help us meet our environmental goals.

Light Industrial

Heavy investments in technology like 3-D printing, AI, automation, and other advancements in manufacturing have made light industrial property a highly valuable commodity for a city to have. Salisbury has quite a bit of land for light industrial to grow.

Drug Treatment

Take advantage of funding for drug treatment programs to help struggling addicts and victims of the opioid epidemic. Fentanyl is cheaper than bullets.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones are structured in a way to help participants succeed. Business plans are required for application, meaning even without funding the business still comes away with a valuable resource.

American Rescue Plan

I will write a blog post and intend to get the City of Salisbury prepared for the American Rescue Plan.
Here is a link: The American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan Act local allocations are projected to deliver $7,227,329 to Salisbury, NC and is subject to change based on updates from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Non-Profit Funding

Salisbury has a strong network of non-profits that help contribute to economic development. Helping these organizations with finding opportunities will help provide a more equitable way to manage econ

Philanthropic Organizations

Community foundations based in Salisbury have been traditionally been very giving in both expertise and financial contributions. The City of Salisbury has great business leaders that value and care for its community.

Private/Public Partnerships

Maintain and expand private/public partnerships that address needs of the community - ideally job creation, infrastructure improvements, and other expensive capital projects.

Faith-Based Organizations

Faith-based organizations have been the most effective route to address homelessness. Rowan Helping Ministries was the result of a number of faith- based organizations coming together. They continue to be some of the major sources of funding and volunteers.