Police & Fire Protection


Continue to take advantage of technology solutions to bridge the gap between employee turnovers. Using mapping tools, data sets generated from police statistics, and the current network of camera surveillance. These solutions have been effective in the past and seem to be non-discriminatory in the data sets being analyzed.


Salisbury Police Department needs to present a data privacy plan to the community/city council on how they plan to protect sensitive data from bad actors. Protection needs to be in place for plaintiffs and defendants when video surveillance is released to the media. It seems to be the fuel for mob justice and assuming predisposition guilt before trial on both defendant and plaintiff.

Maintaining Our Fire Department

Salisbury's Fire Department received an ISO Class 1 rating - the best possible rating. It provides the best insurance costs for both homeowners and businesses. The issue is our Fire Department salary for entry positions are $5,000 below municipal fire departments surrounding us. We're in a challenge to retain employees. We need competitive strategies. Retain what we have in order to grow our services.

Fire Capital

Fire departments require a significant amount of trucks, large equipment, training facilities, & housing for firefighters. I'm actively seeking solutions and open to new ideas on funding Salisbury's anticipated growth and ultimate demand increase in the fire protection. Let's improve the efficiency of the department.

Insurance Rates

The City of Salisbury has a complex way of managing insurance rates. The balance of lowering an insurance rate versus the cost of adding human resources should be more closely analyzed.

Social Media Policy

Social Media Posts should be only for informative purposes and emergency service intel. Skits and non-policing posts should be eliminated. There is always a chance of someone being offended. Not just for the police & fire but all across the board for the City of Salisbury departments.


Police officers and firefighters should be physically capable of meeting standards for their physically demanding positions. All police should be trained in conflict resolution and the mental caliber to handle physical altercations without use of lethal force.

downtown salisbury nc ideas from Salisbury City Council candidate Jonathan Barbee