Roads & Infrastructure


As a member of the Salisbury, NC Tree Board, I cognizant about the environmental impact adding or removing trees.


Downtown parking concerns seem to have fallen on deaf ears with other candidates. Business owners with takeout service don't wan't their customers having to walk blocks for takout.


Provide support & funding for the water department's goals to supply clean water supplies to homes & businesses. Find commercial customers that have higher water capacity needs to help offset upgrade costs.

Sidewalks &
ADA Compliance

Sidewalks and walkways should take priority over bike lane construction. Pedestrian traffic far exceeds that of bicycle traffic. The bike lanes exist for litigation purposes. ADA compliance comes first regarding pedestrian and bicycle traffic planning.

Stormwater &
Flooding Concerns

Work with city services & utilizing city resources to properly address and fund stormwater & flooding concerns. Keeping gutters & storm drains clean of debris is essential, and city workers can do the job when properly staffed and funded.


Find opportunities & resources for connectivity goals around the I-85 Corridor. Concentrate on more capital improvements like new roads or sidewalks instead of landscaping & hardscaping that can come later with expected economic growth from capital improvements.