Technology & Broadband

Technology Plan

Develop a framework for issues surrounding technology in Salisbury City Services. Make a plan that addresses how technology impacts economic development, & how to equitably distribute technological resources.

Data Privacy

Data privacy and cybersecurity go hand in hand and the more data that is private the less susceptible, it is to attack. Modern technology has allowed for more private, public records.

Employer Recruitment

Utilizing a technology plan to develop and market Hotwire/Fibrant as an asset could bring the type of employers needed to make it self-sustaining or profitable.


With the recent attacks in the private sector on payment systems and other data sensitive information, it is crucial that Salisbury addresses cybersecurity as a threat to personal privacy.

Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is a more environmentally friendly way to promote tourism & development, while maximizing the reach of advertising dollars.


We cannot do anything with Fibrant right now as per the lease with Hotwire. As taxpayers who are also owners of this utility should have a say in what goes on with Fibrant.

downtown salisbury nc ideas from Salisbury City Council candidate Jonathan Barbee